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Reiki is a unique system of transferring universal energy to the body, mind and soul. It facilitates and enhances the body’s innate ability for healing and regeneration.
This ancient technique was first used by Tibetan Monks and later redeveloped in the 19th century in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui. Similarly to acupuncture, reiki works along the body’s natural energy lines know as meridians. When this vital energy is flowing freely, health is maintained or restored.

Benefits of Reiki

Reki is a powerful tool on the path to become whole. It offers a wide ranging insight into the various areas of the human experience; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In practical terms, reiki works on many levels, not only promoting physical well-being but also having a positive effect on your emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

Some reported benefits:
 Improved vitality
 Healing of injuries
 Increased emotional and mental strength
 Stronger immune system
 Body detoxification
 Spiritual expansion
 Mental focus and clarity
 Help in bereavement and times of transition
 Help recovering from addiction
 Hormonal balance