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Truly an amazing experience. Reiki can be life changing, it certainly has been for me. I can't recommend this course highly enough.
Lucia is a wonderful Reiki teacher. She is a very knowledgable, talented lady and has a relaxed style making us feel at ease and comfortable. The group gelled instantly in fact as soon as we met at the airport.
Exceeded my wildest expectations and I'll always remember my time with the group  with great fondness.

Please let me express my gratitude once more for the excellent experience
of Reiki in Provence.
The manual you supplied was comprehensive and informative and your gentle,
thorough approach to teaching Reiki created a comfortable environment in
which to ask questions and participate in group discussion. I felt
thoroughly supported throughout the entire process and would gladly
recommend Reiki in Provence, under your tutelage, to anyone looking to
obtain certification in Reiki I and II
Jane C.

I booked the reiki course  as I wanted to use the knowledge to complement my work as a therapist and to use on myself. Living and working in London can be very fast paced and stressful and the chance to learn reiki abroad and to be able to totally immerse myself in the course seemed like a wonderful opportunity.
I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful setting. 
Lucia was a wonderful reiki master - she instantly makes you feel comfortable and was very thorough in explaining how reiki works and how to incorporate it into our daily lives and to use on others.
If I ever needed a refresher course I wouldn't hesitate in going back again!
Tracy P.